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          LOZE is a small rural village situated on the Causses (limestone plateaux) of the Quercy region, in the north-east of Tarn et Garonne.
Built at a height of 320 metres on a cliff side, LOZE overlooks the valley of the River Bonnette, which could be called the Gorges of the Bonnette as the valley is deep, narrow and uneven.   Along the well-stocked river are many watermills which testify to its importance in the past.  Today, the rearing of cattle and sheep dominates agricultural activity.
One hundred years ago, more than 400 people lived in this Commune.  Nowadays the population has fallen to about 100, because of the rural exodus and also because of the extension of the military camp of Caylus (many farms and a complete hamlet with a chapel have been expropriated) which today owns 54% of the former area of the Commune.

          The inhabitants of LOZE, for the most part farmers or retired persons, feel content in the warm atmosphere of their well-maintained village. Unlike other places roundabout, we possess neither a château nor shops, nor schools, banks, post office, nor many associations, but the authenticity of the village, the scenery, the tranquillity and the unspoilt countryside remain.
So, walking the footpaths, you will appreciate the diversity of the heritage of our Causse (grottos, spring, washhouse and the “gariottes” (shepherd’s huts).When, after a visit to our region an our Commune, you return home, we think you will keep in mind our small village of LOZE.

          See you very soon.

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